Join in!

Collect your Maulwurf Mix Memo!

You will find one of three pieces on each Maulwurf Mix six-pack box.

Refresh yourself with the Maulwurf Mix juices and then carefully cut out all collectible cards from the backs of the six-packs. Your parents will be happy to help. Once you have collected all the pieces from the three Maulwurf Mix varieties you can play a round of Maulwurf Memo with your family and friends. Have fun!

Drink something good and do something good

  • Never dump your rubbish in the countryside.
  • Don’t use common disposable plastic straws. Much better to use straws made of bamboo, straw itself or a drinking straw made of biodegradable plastic.
  • Avoid unnecessary plastic packaging (e.g. small yoghurt pots).
  • Avoid motorised transport wherever possible. Cycle or walk for short distances.
Maulwurf auf Wiese mit Früchten (© Zdenek Miler Agentur: WDR mediagroup GmbH)