The natural thirst quencher

A naturally sweet and delicious tasting drink ideal for school, leisure time or snacks.

Maulwurf zeigt nach oben (© Zdenek Miler Agentur: WDR mediagroup GmbH)

ORGANIC soft drink with fruit juices, 39% fruit juice content. Discover Maulwurf Mix – Apple & Grape now.

ORGANIC soft drink with fruit juices, 30% fruit juice content. Discover Maulwurf Mix – Grape & Berries now.

Organic herbal tea drink with grape juice, 21% fruit juice. Discover Maulwurf Mix – Grape & Lemon now.

Every Maulwurf Mix contains ingredients from biodynamic cultivation (Demeter).

1 Contains only the natural sugar of the fruit itself.

Voelkel only uses ORGANIC ingredients so the Maulwurf Mix range is naturally all organic!

Coming up fast is Maulwurf Mix (Mole Mix) – the natural thirst quencher for children – a brand new mix fresh from the Voelkel organic juice factory. Naturally it has no added sugar* or artificial flavours but plenty of pure mineral water mixed with a powerful shot of direct juice in Demeter quality.
(*Ingredients contain their own natural sugar)

The Maulwurf Mix comes in three delicious varieties (Apple & Grape, Grape & Berries and Grape & Lemon) in a handy 0.2 litre Tetra Pak® with a drinking straw made of 100% biodegradable organic plastic. Give it a try – available in the shops right now.

Demeter is the superior ORGANIC.

  • The Demeter label demands the highest quality standards from manufacturers and their products worldwide.
  • A Demeter farm functions in a self-sufficient cycle: no chemical fertilisers or pesticides are permitted.
  • A large proportion of the animal feed is produced on the farm or originates from other Demeter farms.
  • Animals must be kept in a manner appropriate to their species and cows must not be dehorned.
  • The use of biodynamic preparations for the improvement of soil quality is obligatory.
Maulwurf in Landschaft (© Zdenek Miler Agentur: WDR mediagroup GmbH)

That's why the Maulwurf Mix only contains ingredients from biodynamic cultivation.